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About us

SETA is an Easynet Group company specialized in delivering IT security and business continuity trainings.

SETA boasts a teaching staff of experts operating in the cybersecurity sector and actively involved in leading Italian public and private organizations. It is universally acknowledged as a benchmark for training in IT security and business continuity.

SETA is well-equipped to respond to the needs of a wide-ranging and diverse clientele, from private individuals seeking to enhance their personal skills in the best and most up-to-date use of information technology, to businesses and professionals to whom more in-depth and/or advanced courses are specifically dedicated.

SETA fosters top young talent and trains professionals dedicated to sharing and spreading its knowledge in the field of IT Security, raising ever greater awareness in the use of technological tools at all levels.

The key companies

Easynet - established in 1995, it provides more than 300 customers with advanced security solutions, networking solutions, cloud services, IT applications, integrated solutions for corporate information systems and internet-based technologies.

In the digital security sector, it has significant expertise and can count on distinguished references in areas such as defensive cyber security, high-reliability architectures for business continuity and regulatory compliance

Enforcer – founded in 2004, it is an independent cybersecurity consultancy, unconnected to any specific hardware and software service providers, specialized in offensive cyber security (“red team”, ethical hacking).

It has garnered particularly significant and qualified expertise in the fields of cyberattack simulation, cyber risk analysis, vulnerability analysis and application security analysis.

Our story

The concept of a Cybersecurity farm was born from some ideal insights.

The concept of a Cybersecurity farm was born from some ideal insights.

SETA’s journey begins in the town of Lecco in an industrial district traditionally associated with ironworking and silk-weaving, primary sources of economic growth since the nineteenth century and now sadly on the wane for many years.

Since the early 2000s, technological developments have brought deep-seated and far-reaching change in every aspect of our lives, especially in industries, marking the dawn of a new era and thus new business opportunities.

In 2020 Easynet, Enforcer and Tecnologie d’Impresa, on the strength of their respective long-standing experience in information technology, cybersecurity and professional training, decide to join forces in establishing SETA.

SETA is a company dedicated to delivering training in the digital security sector, which represents a novel, yet crucially important, driver of social and economic growth.

International studies have conclusively shown that around five million cybersecurity jobs will open up in the coming years.

The most sought-after positions will be those ranging from CISO (Chief Information Security Officer), to DPO (Data Protection Officer), ICT Security Manager, but also Digital Forensics experts and SOC (Security Operation Center) operators.

These key positions hold leadership roles with important responsibilities within companies.

SETA sees itself as an incubator in which to foster and grow young talent and a center of expertise for the specialization of professionals in the field.

Its aim and ambition is to provide all the Information Security tools necessary to build a robust personal and professional path in a fast-growing sector thus laying solid foundations for a sound and lasting IT security culture.



Mario Rossi
Azienda - IT Manager

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